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Dry powder inhalers (DPI) like a Diskus do not use propellants like pressurized Metered dose inhalers (MDI) do, so they do not require hand breath coordination or slow and deep breathing technique. A large percentage of patients do not inhale fast enough on DPIs to pull out the full dose and good quality dose from the inhaler leading to ineffective dose delivery and wastage of dose.

What helps to deliver the medication into your lungs is your own inhaling (inspiratory) forceful breathing. Your breathing should be Quick and Deep enough to inhale the powdered medicine from the inhaler device. When you take in a quick and deep breath through the mouthpiece of the DPI, the fine powdered medication is separated from the larger carrier particles and drawn into the lungs.

How to Inhale

 asthma discovery

Breathing Quick and Deep may sound simple to you and while reading this you may have also tried deep breathing once, but did you realize that while attempting to do so, you actually had to make an active effort to breathe deep and still you are not sure if your inhaling was deep enough?

So you need to learn how deep and forceful your breathing should be to bring in a greater quantity of air and fill your lungs to a higher capacity than normal breathing and inturn take in full and effective dose.

The How to Inhale app will help you:

  • Learn the correct Quick and Deep inhaling technique for your Diskus inhaler
  • Practice the technique over and over again so that you can perfect the technique*
  • Do this anytime, anywhere and on any device you may be using, and all at your own pace
  • Ensure you get the right dose next time you use your Diskus inhaler

*The Practice mode of the app is only available in the In-depth Training.

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The How to Inhale app is presented in a step-by-step manner and uses visual and audio based cues (breath-bar) for you to learn and practice the inhaling technique effectively.

Step 1: Follow the instructor with a breath-bar and audio cue.

Step 2: Learn holding your breath after inhaling

Step3: Learn the technique only with the audio cue

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Take How to Inhale for a spin. Watch the video below to understand the steps leading to a correct inhaling technique for your Diskus inhaler.



In-depth Training:

In-depth Training

Want to see yourself practice the Quick and Deep breathing technique along with a real instructor? The In-depth training offers you this and much more.

  • Learn to How to Inhale and How to Use Inhaler correctly
  • Practice with your device camera
  • Retain correct technique with better medical outcomes
  • Save your time and cost

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