Carrie Phillips

" The instructional videos were very straight forward and easy to understand. Very well demonstrated. "

Carrie Phillips, RN, CGRN

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics



Dirk Blokland

"Our web site is now seen world wide, and the response has been very good. Thank you very much for allowing me to display your training videos on our website"

Dirk Blokland

PGCOPD SUPPORT GROUP, Prince George, British Columbia. Canada.



Jennifer Knox

"The course is very good with all changes in inhalers addressed I found the instruction to be interesting , informative, comprehensive and easy to use."

Jennifer Knox, RRT

Highline Medical Center, RRT



Well Span Health

"I found the course very useful. Great Course!"

Angela Keys, RRT

Well Span Health



Mankato Clinic

"This course was great! It is a great review for me. It has given me some insights I didn’t take in to consideration before. Thank you offering this course. I have used several of the tips to help with patient educations on the use of inhalers."

Ricci Peterman, RN

Mankato Clinic, MN



Kimberly Hiatt

"The education given was very informal for patients to understand, patients enjoy seeing the demo being done as they respond and perform much better with a visual. A large number of patients use their inhalers incorrectly, when they start using their inhalers as taught they cannot believe how well they respond and how long their inhalers last. There couldn’t of been an easier way to teach them without having an RT at their side especially when you are the only RT!"

Kimberly Hiatt, (IHS/ABR/BCH)

Quentin Burdick Memorial Hospital



Joan Norell

"The information given in the MDI and DPI CEU courses I have already used in teaching my patients in the hospital and home care setting. It was easy to obtain the CEU's after getting started."

Joan Norell

Westside Regional Hospital, United Medical Consultants Inc, Hollywood Medical Supply



Diane Doebley

"Since reviewing the proper use of inhalers, I have put it into practice. The results were amazing. Patients who were using their inhalers wrong, are now getting their medicines with good results. Continuing education in the proper use of inhalers is important for all including physicians, nurses, therapist and patients."

Diane Doebley, BS, RRT

Hahnemann Hospital



Marilyn Regan

"From receiving your new prescription, assembling and priming it for first use, to properly taking the medication, these videos are very helpful and easy to follow."

Marilyn Regan, RRT

Virtua, South New Jersey Hospital



Diane K. Reist

"We had a patient that was prescribed 4 different inhalers with 4 different administration techniques. She has been using them all for quite some time, however on her last admission she admitted that she wasn’t sure she was administering any of them correctly. Because technique is so important and she has had several re-admissions due to her COPD exacerbations this looked like a good area for intervention. We utilized your website to provide pictorial instructions to her so that she could match them to the type of inhaler and as we are a transitional care team that will be following her for at least 30 days after her discharge we are planning on utilizing the video training in her home as well to reinforce the teaching that she was provided in the hospital."

Diane K. Reist, BS, PharmD, RPh

Pharmacy Practice Specialist in Transitions of Care University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics



Donna Westmoreland

"So many times we hear about patients showing up in the emergency room with breakthrough wheezing only to find out they are using inhalers incorrectly. When we teach Respiratory Care students we try to stress the importance of educating and re-educating the patient in proper techniques. I have to say, I have actually taught Respiratory Care pharmacology many times so I was very impressed with how the program was executed. The animations, graphics and interactive training were all very well done. It would serve not only patients but would be an excellent supplement when teaching students."

Donna Westmoreland, BA,RRT,RCP

Faculty, Coleman College for Health Sciences Houston Community College



Jeffrey Keener

"Very well done. Informative for RT’s and for patients!"

Jeffrey Keener, RRT

Freeman Health System



Paige Adeli

" education videos are a welcome addition to our asthma toolkit. We utilize the videos in our clinic with our patients on device training and correct inhaler techniques. It provides step-by-step instructions with audio and visual aids. Patients can practice along with the videos and/or view themselves performing the technique side by side with the video if they have an iPad or a camera on their computer. My advice is to familiarize yourself with the videos, try it and start supplementing your patient training by using education videos!"

Paige Adeli, RN, AE-C

Clinical Nurse Coordinator Comprehensive Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center Rush University Medical Center



Chrishuna R. Vasser

"Education on inhaler use and delivery devices is needed on a continual basis. I often find that patients are not correctly using their inhalers appropriately and clinicians are not teaching correct nor effective use. Our patients will receive effective treatment from inhalers by having trained clinicians educate them properly. I thoroughly enjoyed this in service and will share it with colleagues in my hospital."

Chrishuna R. Vasser, CRT



Dr. LeRoy Graham

"As a practicing pediatric pulmonologist and the medical director of Not One More Life, Inc (, I realize that proper inhaler and device technique is so very critical to successful Asthma and COPD management. Dr. Shetty and her colleagues have developed wonderfully effective videos that clearly empower patients to become active and proficient partners in their own care."

Dr. LeRoy Graham

Pediatric Pulmonologist



Jon Ramsey

"Extremely informative, covers all of the bases, any patient, young or older can understand this. The Ga. Asthma Coalition strongly endorses this video for teaching purpose."

Jon Ramsey, RN/ President/ Co-Founder

Georgia Asthma Coalition



Wilma C Light

"Both I and my office Nurses have been using Use-inhalers videos on how to use an inhaler with our patients. The videos are so well done, and our patients have had only positive comments. It is also great that the patient can look them up at home to keep fine tuning their technique. Thank you for a great educational benefit!."

Wilma C. Light, MD

Fellow American Academy of Allergy and Immunology



Dr. Douglas E. Masini

"As an asthma educator, I am always looking for new resources to keep current on the correct administration techniques for dry powder and metered dose inhalers. I found this website a definitive resource for teaching my medical and allied health students, my patients, and a place to assure my continued competency as someone who daily demnstrates asthma medications. With the current and future expansion of the number of drugs available as inhalers, this site promises to make a large contribution to better asthma outcomes and improved patient care when using inhaled medications."

Dr. Douglas E. Masini, RRT-NPS, RPFT, AE-C, FAARC

Certified Clinical Sleep Educator (BRPT) Associate Professor and Director, Respiratory Therapy Program Armstrong Atlantic State University



Gary C. Steven

"The use-inhalers website is a comprehensive tool for training both patients and physicians alike in the proper use of the various inhaler devices on the market, including their variations - such as the open-mouth, closed-mouth, and spacer techniques. This can be an adjunct useful to physicians, nurses and asthma educators, who could have the patient view the video prior to face-to-face instruction, which should decrease the amount of face time required, and it can also be used by patients as a reference to review at home until the skills are mastered."

Gary C. Steven, MD, PhD, CPI, FAAAAI, FACAAI

Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center



Dr. Mike Harris

"I liked this app and have not seen such app before, I think the breathing exercise in "How to Inhale" tool will help Asthma patients and I will use this app quite frequently for my patients."

Dr. Mike Harris, MD

University of Kansas Medical Center



Dr. Paul Hoffmann

"This is a self explanatory app and I will direct the new and old patients on your site for inhaler training."

Dr. Paul Hoffmann, Respiratory Care Practitioner.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital



Lisa White

"I liked the training it looks good."

Lisa White, RT

Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital



Dr. Tim A. Aldoroty

"This is great training and I can play this online training in my clinic."

Dr. Tim A. Aldoroty, MD

Mount Sinai Hospital



Dr. Mary T. Donofrio

"Good way of educating patients on how to use their inhalers."

Dr. Mary T. Donofrio, MD

Holy Cross Hospital



Dr. Manuel Bedoya

"The best way to train Asthma patients. It should be free for all and easily accessible to doctors."

Dr. Manuel Bedoya, MD

Global Medical



Dr. Andy Corkrun

"This is really a good training app and I believe that I will use this daily for all my Asthma patients to train them on how to use their inhalers."

Dr. Andy Corkrun, MD

Portland Asthma Associates



Dr. Greg Long

"I watched the inhaler demonstrations and I am sure that this online training will soon become great resource of patient education on inhaler techniques. Good Job!"

Dr. Greg Long, MD

Central Utah Clinic



Dr. Joan Ward

"I would like to use this demonstration for my Asthma Works shops and educational programs, It is self explanatory and easy for patients to understand & practice on their own."

Dr. Joan Ward, MD

University Hospital, Utah



Dr. William Scott

"This is just fabulous! It saves my time and effort. I direct my new patients to this site for inhaler training."

Dr. William Scott, MD

Allergy Center of Western Colorado



Dr. Patrick Demarco

"Best tool to train the patients on their inhaler techniques. I get better response from my patients when they use this training to learn their inhaler technique."

Dr. Patrick Demarco, MD

Allergy and Asthma Specialists



Dr. Rakesh Gupta

"As a busy pulmonary doctor, I know firsthand the challenges in teaching inhaler technique to my patients. Fortunately, we now have the wonderful tools on this website which has made inhaler teaching so much more convenient and effective. Using this site in my practice has cleary produced wonderful results - very satisfied patients who feel accomplished at having mastered a difficult task, better asthma control and time savings for myself and office staff. While patients think the doctor did a good job, credit really goes to "". Smart technology = make a complex task simple."

Dr. Rakesh Gupta, MD

Director of Sleep Disorders Center, Providence, RI.



Dr. Eric Cote

"I have used it and am happy that such a useful tool exists. I recommend my patients to use this training and improve inhaler techniques."

Dr. Eric Cote, MD

Allergy and Asthma Associates



Dr. Susan Diamond

"This tool does a great job of training Asthma patients easily without any human intervention."

Dr. Susan Diamond, MD

Allergy and Asthma Associates




"I have used the training tools available on UseInhalers for a few patients of mine. After using the tools and practicing on them daily they have reported improvement in their symptoms. Since I rarely got time to explain the minutest details of inhalation technique, I absolutely love this site as my patients are very comfortable and have reported better outcomes."

Dr. B.R.Mishra, MD




Dr. M Nair

"Incorrect use of inhalers and non satisfactory clinical outcomes have always been the major problem with the Asthmatic patients. My patients tend to forget the inhaler steps in their next visit. This online training is time saver for me, I just ask the patients to check this training and learn from it directly. The best part is that they liked it and appreciated my advanced method too."

Dr. M. Nair, MD




Dr. Rakesh Yadav

"I just started using this training tool few days back and it seems to be effective and easy for my patients."

Dr. Rakesh Yadav, MD



Dr. Amit Panjwani

"I found the tools on UseInhalers website very good for inhalation training. The tools are easy to use and interactive, making inhaler training an engaging process for my patients. I recommend it to my colleagues and students to fine tune their inhalation skills, so that they also can train their patients better."

Dr. Amit Panjwani, DM, MD, DNB



Dr Nilesh Shah

"UseInhalers is a great training tool. I have used it for my patients and it has proven effective. Patients have reported decreased symptoms post training with the tools available on the site. I will recommend this site to all my colleagues so that all the patients with Asthma, COPD or other respiratory problems on inhalers can benefit from the training tools on the site."

Dr Nilesh Shah, MBBS



Dr Jigna Shrotriya

"UseInhalers is a great way to train patients in their inhalation technique. I tried it on a few of my patients and they loved the tool. What works for the patient is instructor led self paced training. I will recommend this to all my colleagues and have started using it for all the patients on inhalers. Since both MDI's and DPI's are covered, all my patients are very happy."

Dr Jigna Shrotriya, MBBS



Dr Rudradatta Shrotriya

"I have reviewed and found it extremely informative. The tools shown on the site are very well formulated. Since the training is done in small parts, the patients find it very easy and engaging. I will recommend this to all my patients."

Dr Rudradatta Shrotriya, MBBS



Jeffrey Saffie

"As a manager of a 60 bed hospital and rehabilitation center, I have seen the common mistakes made by my patients in the use of their inhalers. This website is both informational and interactive and provides the resource my patients need to learn and practice with their inhalers. Use inhalers is an informative and professional web site that is a much needed resource in respiratory care and the health field in general. "

Jeffrey Saffie, RRT

Licensed in MA, NH and ME



Dr S Raju

"I'm using for my patients to train them on their inhaler techniques. They find it very easy to use and it saves my time as well. The tools are all very well researched and have helped all my patients. New patients who are using their inhalers for the first time particularly love this app as it shows them the entire technique. I definitely recommend this tool to everyone."

Dr S. Raju, MBBS, MD