Know your Inhaler

The Handihaler is a small compact inhaler device and can be easily carried around. It is made of plastic and requires a capsule of powdered medication to be placed in the device.

Parts of the inhaler:

Dust Cap

The dust cap is used to cover the Handihaler mouthpiece when not in use. The dust cap protects the Handihaler from contamination and humidity.


The mouthpiece is placed in the mouth to deliver the medicine to the lungs. Mouthpiece can also be opened to insert the inhalation capsules within the central chamber. Opening the mouthpiece gives access to the center chamber. This is where the inhalation capsules are placed before inhaling. A small window in the base shows if a capsule is present or is it empty. When you inhale Quickly and Deeply the capsule will rattle vigorously within this chamber.

Mouthpiece Ridge

The mouthpiece ridge acts a grip for opening the mouthpiece for insertion or ejecting inhalation capsules.


The base houses the piercing button and center chamber to place the inhalation capsule. It also acts as a stand to store the Handihaler in an upright position.

Green Piercing Button

The green piercing has multiple uses. Pressing it opens the dust cap and when a inhalation capsule is present in the center chamber the button pierces the capsule to release the medicine powder for inhalation.

Air Intake Vents

The air intake vents make it easier to inhale the medicine using Quick and Deep breath. Never block these vents.

Interactive Inhaler

By using the interactive widget below, you can view the Handihaler from various angles. The directional controls can be used to rotate the inhaler. If you are viewing this on your tablet or a phone, you can swipe your finger on the inhaler.