Know your Inhaler

The Respimat inhaler is compact and portable inhaler.

The different parts of the Respimat inhaler are:

1. The Cap

The cap is used to keep the inhaler free from any contamination. The inhaler should be kept covered when not in use.

2. Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is placed in the mouth to take the dose. You should seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece to avoid wastage of medicine.

3. Air vent

The air intake vent helps to inhale the medicine from the inhaler easily.

4. Dose Release button

The dose release button is pressed to release the dose. The button is pressed while taking in a slow and deep breath.

5. Dose Indicator

The dose indicator shows approximately how much of the medication is left in the inhaler. When the pointer enters the red area of scale, there is approximately 7 days of medication left.

Interactive Inhaler

Use the interactive widget below to view the Respimat in various angles. Click and drag the mouse pointer or use directional controls to rotate the inhaler. Alternatively you may swipe your finger on the inhaler if you are viewing this on your phone/ tablet.