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At UseInhalers we believe that we can achieve more together in partnership than we can on our own. Come join our community and we can work together to improve the inhaler technique and create better environment for the patients using inhalers.

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Medical Professionals

  • Are you experiencing challenges on educating patients to use inhalers correctly?
  • Do you plan to save your time and guide the patients in better direction?
  • Would you like to build a brand name by associating with an innovative technology to educate asthmatic, COPD and allergic patients?
  • Are you planning to use this advanced learning tool in your training workshops or your research programs?

Pharma Companies

  • Would you like to connect directly with your product users?
  • Are you interested in promoting your brand of inhalers?
  • Do you plan to perform any clinical studies on your inhaler compliance?
  • Are you interested in making educational tools for your inhaler products?