There are varieties of DPI available in the market today. More inhaler varieties means each inhaler have their own unique way to taking a dose. One of the main reasons for ineffective dose delivery is the lack of knowledge of using an inhaler correctly. Missing out on just one critical step may lead to incomplete dose reaching your lungs.

How to Use Inhaler

Remembering each and every step for all the inhalers you have been prescribed with is a challenge and that’s where How to Use Inhaler app comes to play. Imagine you long have to remember the exact steps to follow just switch on this tool and follow it till you complete your dose. It is as simple as that.

Also the How to Use Inhaler app will help you:

  • Time your step preciesly with on-screen timer for holding your breath
  • Learn the correct step-by-step technique for your Flexhaler inhaler
  • The breath-bar from How to Inhale app features in this app and will help you time your medicine inhalation
  • Practice the steps as many times as you want until you can perfect the technique*
  • Ensure you get the right dose next time you use your Flexhaler inhaler
  • All steps are available anytime, anywhere and on any device you may be using


The How to Use Inhaler app is also presented in a step-by-step manner. All steps are precisely timed for you to learn and practice the inhaler technique effectively.

Step1: Hold the Flexhaler straight up. Rotate the cover and remove it.

Step2: Rotate the brown grip in one direction.

Step3: Rotate the grip completely back in the other direction. You'll hear a click.

Step4: Exhale away from the inhaler.

Step5: Keep the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a quick and deep breath.

Step6: Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Exhale slowly through your mouth or nose.

Step7: Repeat 2 to 6 steps after 30 seconds, if you need another dose.

Step8: Close the cap.

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Watch our How to Use Inhaler video for Flexhaler to understand the correct inhalation steps:


In-depth Training:

In-depth Training

Do you want to see yourself practice the inhaler techniques along with a real instructor? The In-depth training offers you this and much more.

  • Learn to How to Inhale and How to Use Inhaler correctly
  • Practice with your device camera
  • Retain correct technique with better medical outcomes
  • Save your time and cost

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