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The ability to take in a complete breath is quite essential for Asthma and COPD patients. Few things are as scary as not being able to get enough air in your lungs. Learning to manage your Asthma begins with understanding how to inhale your medicine effectively to relieve your symptoms and improve quality of life.

The Metered Dose Inhalers require hand and breath coordination and the patients even need to learn the Slow and Deep breathing techniques for effective dose delivery.

How to Inhale

 asthma discovery

The aim of How to Inhale app is to teach you how to reduce or eliminate your symptoms of respiratory diseases like Asthma, COPD and Allergies by teaching you the correct Slow and Deep inhaling technique required for your MDI inhaler. Getting the actuation timing right is also essential for medicine to reach your lungs for immediate relief. Holding your breath for the right amount of time will ensure medicine is most effective.

Through the correct inhalation technique with an MDI, Asthmatics and those with COPD can effectively use these devices to manage their airways. It is said that the single greatest act when learning how to use an MDI is to practice the learning techniques. The best way to learn the How to Inhale technique is to practice using the How to Inhale app for MDI.

The How to Inhale for MDI app will teach you to:

  • Synch your breath with a real instructor to help you gain control on your inhaling
  • Practice this technique using a webcam*
  • Improve your Slow and Deep inhaling technique and inhale the medicine correctly from your MDI inhaler
  • Do this anytime, anywhere and on any device you may be using, and all at your own pace
  • Ensure you get the right dose next time you use your MDI

*The Practice mode of the app is only available in the In-depth Training.

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The How to Inhale app is divided into multiple steps and is led by an instructor. Additional on-screen visual and audio cues like breath-bar, pressing of MDI and hold breath timers are gradually introduced step-wise for effective learning of the technique.

Step1: Follow the instructor to breathe in Slow and Deep.

Step2: Practice the correct timing of pressing your inhaler.

Step3: Learn holding your breath after inhaling.

Step4: Learn the technique only with the audio cue.

View Demo

Watch the How to Inhale demo video below to learn the steps leading to a correct breathing technique:


In-depth Training:

In-depth Training

Want to see yourself practice the Slow and Deep breathing technique along with a real instructor? The In-depth training offers you this and much more.

  • Learn to How to Inhale and How to Use Inhaler correctly
  • Practice with your device camera
  • Retain correct technique with better medical outcomes
  • Save your time and cost

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