Know your Inhaler

MDI consists of a small aerosol canister with or without a counter. The shape of the MDI is most recognizable form of an asthma inhaler. Each inhaler consists of a pressurized canister of medication and a mouthpiece. Pressing down the inhaler releases a mist of medicine that you breathe into your lungs. To use a MDI correctly, it is important to know about the different parts of the MDI.

Most MDIs are made up four main parts:

1. The Canister

The canister is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. The medicine resides in this canister along with a liquefied gas propellant and, in many cases,stabilizing excipients.

2. The Actuator

The Actuator is made of plastic. Its distinct geometry is widely recognizable and synonymous with an Inhaler in general. The actuator color varies with the type of drug it delivers. For example: Reliever MDIs are either Blue or Green and Preventer MDIs are either Red or Orange. The metering valve present within this actuator delivers the metered quantity of the drug (in the form of an aerosol) to the patient’s lungs. Actuator also houses the Medicine Counter which indicates the amount of dose remaining within the canister.

3. The Mouthpiece

Patient places the mouthpiece in the mouth to receive the drug dispensed from the canister after actuation.

4. Dust-Cap

The mouthpiece includes a dust-cap to prevent contamination. It is highly recommended to cover the mouth-piece when not in use.

Interactive Inhaler

By using the interactive widget below, you can view the MDI from various angles. The directional controls can be used to rotate the inhaler. If you are viewing this on your tablet or phone, you can swipe your finger on the inhaler.