Your Inhaler is Naked Without One - Cool Inhaler Covers

Inhalers are most effective when used regularly- which means they should always be ready and available. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case! Many patients feel awkward carrying inhalers around.

To help make your inhaler “cool”, here are the latest inhaler cover styles. We’ve reviewed the best in the market to keep your inhaler handy, protected and stylish.

Puff a Pouch Comes with lanyard & keyring with easi break safety system, 15+ designs & colors available.

Inhaler Wear Covers are designed to fit the ProAir® HFA inhaler. Comes with Inhaler Holder, inhaler case, inhaler cover, keychain inhaler holder, puple yellow puffer cozy & crochet inhaler carrier.

Medidolls Medidolls are doll-like toys, which come in different shapes, especially designed to fit inhalers in form and size. The inhaler is wrapped in the toy in its entirety, and this way, is turned into a fun device one can play with, wrap around the neck or attach to the bag. Not just for kids (we want them too!)