Need for inhaler training:

  • Errors in the inhalation technique have been reported to range up to 85% now. Not only various patients' characteristics but also the device that patients use to inhale the medicine has an effect on correct inhalation technique.
  • Many patients derive incomplete benefit from their inhaled medication because they do not use their inhaler devices correctly or they fail to maintain the correct inhaler technique. This is clearly one of the major limitations in treating Asthma COPD and allergies.
  • Further, there is evidence that the use of multiple inhaler types confuses the patient and increases the risk of errors in their inhaler use. In order to deal with it, there is a clear need for specific inhaler technique education and training of patients.

Inhaler Training

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Breathing and Inhalation with an Interactive Technology.
  • Comprehensive training leads to optimum usage of medicine.
  • Save money on medicine and get well faster.
  • Control your Asthma, COPD and Allergies better.