Game Apps for Asthma and Inhalers

Patient education is one of four key components of asthma care as outlined in the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines. A new way to teach children is  "edutainment" (education + entertainment) approach to engage children in learning about asthma.

1. Wella Pets App : Help your child stay well and feel confident with asthma 

  • Fun, playful and educational
  • Pediatrician-approved content
  • Research based

Click here:

This app encourages children to learn about Asthma and helps them to build their self confidence with better self management.

2. Asthma Care is a user friendly mobile health application for iOS devices designed for use by children and teenagers with asthma. Users will be rewarded with points as they enter information, which can unlock rewards. 

3. Alvio: An all-in-one breathing trainer, symptom tracker and mobile game controller that helps you get healthier as you play. Bluetooth Smart connection makes using Alvio as simple as “breathe in, breathe out” to inhale effectively while using inhalers. Click here: