Asthma is caused most commonly by various triggers. Asthma triggers make your asthma worse. Everyone experiences different sets of asthma triggers. The best way to control your Asthma is to avoid, prevent or manage your triggers.

Asthma triggers are things that make your asthma worse. Asthma triggers help cause asthma symptoms or severe asthma attacks. Asthma triggers irritate the airways in your lungs. The airways swell and make a lot of mucus, which blocks them and makes it hard to breathe. Talk to your doctor about which triggers you should avoid to control your Asthma.

general causes of asthma

Smoke: If you smoke, contact your doctor for help quitting. This will lead you to control your Asthma better. Don’t let people smoke in the house or car. This can aggravate your Asthma attack. Make sure fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are well ventilated to avoid yours lungs being exposed to smoke. 

Pets: Keep pets with fur or feathers out of your bedroom or home, if possible. They are one of the most common examples of bad aerosols that trigger asthmatic attacks. 

Dust mite: Wash your bed sheets and blankets each week in very hot water. Stay out of rooms that are being vacuumed. Or wear a dust mask if you vacuum to prevent breathing problem.

Mold: Keep your shower curtains clean. Don’t use a humidifier or vaporizer. Breathe in deep and through nose every morning to get fresh oxygen in your lungs and control your Asthma.

Strong odors: Avoid perfume, talcum powder, strong- smelling cleaning products and bad aerosol sprays such as hairspray or bug spray. Get better control on your breathing problem by avoiding theses sprays.

Pollen: Stay inside when pollen levels are high. This will reduce your Asthma symptoms like wheezing and rattling of mucus in your chest. Use air conditioning, if possible. Keep windows closed during seasons when pollen is at its worst.