Asthma Inhaler Technique for Beginners

The effectiveness of an asthma inhaler strongly depends on the way it is being used, referred to as "technique". Because the mechanism of medication release does require timely actions from the patient, asthma inhalers in comparison to other conventional drugs like oral medications, have a varying efficacy rate

To help new asthma patients better understand the proper way to use an inhaler, as well as to provide some handy tips for experienced users, we have put up a simple and easy to follow guide to use asthma inhalers.

inhaler for asthma

Inhalers for Asthma:

  • Advair Diskus Inhaler
  • Ventolin MDI Inhaler
  • Proventil MDI Inhaler
  • Atrovent Inhaler
  • Combivent Inhaler
  • Symbicort Inhaler
  • Xopenex Inhalerr
  • Serevent Inhaler
  • Pulmicort Inhaler
  • Flovent Inhaler
  • Asthma inhalers can be categorized based on the way the medication is delivered into the lungs.

Metered dose Inhaler (MDI)
Metered dose inhalers - They deliver the medication using a pressurized solvent, allowing an almost instant relief of symptoms. MDI can play both the reliever and controller role, depending on a particular brand. Generally, spacers are recommended to use with any pressurized metered dose inhalers, as they greatly augment their effectiveness. Patients of any age and medical condition should consider using a spacer if they are using an MDI. If you buy inhalers for asthma online, most stores will allow you to additionally purchase a spacer.

To learn and practice the correct inhaler technique of how to use your MDI, you may visit our Premium Training

Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)
Dry powder inhalers - These inhalers do not use air pressure to release the medication. Instead, a fine powdered medical substance is delivered directly into the lungs when the patients inhales, eliminating the requirement of aligning breathing with the release of medication. To learn and practice the correct inhaler technique of how to use your DPI’s, you may visit our Premium Training