Apple Health - iOS 8 HealthKit

  • An app designed by Apple for iOS 8, finally gives us a way to put data from all kinds of Health and fitness apps in one place
  • As more of us rely on apps and phone-synced devices to monitor our wellness, Apple wants its users to be able to make sense of the data. And, perhaps one day, share that data with their physicians
  • Essentially, Apple’s Health app serves as a hub, allowing information to come in and go out of a central place. And you can choose which information you want third-party apps to see
  • Apple would like to gather all your data via colorful graphs to show you just how well (or poorly) you are doing with your fitness goals
  • To find apps compatible with Health, head to the App Store, then go to the Health and Fitness category and look for the section titled Apps for Health
  • This link shows the most recent compatible Health apps: