Know your Inhaler

Pressair is a breath activated portable inhaler.

The different parts of a Pressair are:

1. Protective Cap

The protective cap is placed over the mouthpiece to avoid contamination due to humidity. The inhaler should be kept covered whenever not in use.

2. Dose Indicator

The dose indicator shows the patient approximately how many doses remain in the inhaler. Number of doses count down in the interval of 10.

3. Green Button

Pressing this button releases the medicine. Taking a dose from the Pressair inhaler requires patients to press and release the green button, and then inhale.

4. Colored Control Window

The colored control window provides confirmation of successful inhalation. The window turns from red to green when the dose is ready, and from green to red when the patient has inhaled full dose of medicine correctly.

5. Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is placed in the patient’s mouth to extract the medicine. You should seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece to prevent medicine wastage.

Interactive Inhaler

Use the interactive widget below to view the Pressair in various angles. Click and drag the mouse pointer or use directional controls to rotate the inhaler. Alternatively you may swipe your finger on the inhaler if you are viewing this on your phone/ tablet.