Know your Inhaler

Neohaler is a portable inhaler device and can be easily carried around.

The different parts of Neohaler are:

1. The Cap

The cap protects the inhaler from humidity which causes clumping of the medicine. The inhaler should be covered when not in use.

2. The Base

The base has the piercing buttons on two opposite sides of the inhaler and houses the capsule chamber. The base also acts as a stand to place the inhaler in upright position.

3. Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is kept in the mouth to deliver the medicine into the lungs. The mouthpiece is opened to place of discard the capsule.

4. Capsule Chamber

This is the chamber where the capsule is placed before inhalation of the medicine. Never store a capsule within this chamber after use.

5. Piercing Buttons

The piercing buttons are pressed to release the medicine powder from within the capsule for inhalation.

Interactive Inhaler

By using the interactive widget below, we can view the Neohaler from various angles. The directional controls can be used to rotate the inhaler. If you viewing it on your tablet/phone, you can swipe on the inhaler