Using an Asthma inhaler with spacer and without spacer

A spacer is a clear plastic container shaped like a football or a tube with a mouthpiece or mask at one end and a hole for an inhaler at the other end. Spacers help to get asthma medication into your lungs.

Spacers are important because they are critical in delivering asthma medicine. They also make your inhaler easier to use and reduce the risk of side effects.In Metered dose Inhalers we use spacers. Almost anyone (from infants to the elderly) can use a metered dose inhaler when it's attached to a spacer. Some experts say that everyone with asthma, even adults, would benefit by using a spacer with their metered dose inhaler.
Now the question comes why someone should use a spacer with an inhaler?

inhaler with and without spacer

At you can find various answers to questions – for e.g.: generally more medication gets into your lungs than if you use a inhaler on its own; they reduce the side effects of inhaled steroids, because less of the medication sticks in your mouth and throat; the most convenient part is that you don’t need to coordinate pressing your puffer and breathing in at the same time; medication via a spacer is at least as effective as via a nebulizer in an asthma attack, and you can take the medication faster and in a lower dose than with a nebulizer. This is because the spacer delivers the medication more effectively. This lower dose reduces the risk of any side effect.

Doctors often prescribe spacers for inhalers for those patients who do not have the physical strength or intuition to inhale through MDIs directly. For example, too elderly people or infants are often prescribed to inhale through spacers. There are many advantages to using Spacers - medication goes easily into the lungs, it’s inexpensive, portable and easy to take care of.

On the other hand its limitation may be that sometimes in case of large volume inhalers a spacer can be bulky. has managed to create a wide range of response from all over the world through their programs, videos on different device application and other apps. With these the patients can monitor the changes, consult with the physicians online any time and set their medical goals accordingly.