New App for Asthma Patients on How to Use Metered dose Inhaler

The health industry is responding to the increasing growth, popularity and availability of new technological innovations, such as tablets and smart phones. Health applications on Asthma, COPD and Allergies have the potential to be adapted and used by healthcare professionals and patients both.

How to use Metered dose inhaler for iPad and iPhone is a new innovative app that provides step by step audio-visual instructions on the correct use of Metered dose inhaler and allows the patients to practice real time using the device camera to get visual feedback and share that with their Physician for review and recommendation.

Not only the app provides more dynamic training tool to learn and practice, but it also brings huge cost savings. It’s an inexpensive app that provides easy training on correct inhaler technique anytime and anywhere at your own pace and comfort, unlike compared to other training tools that are available only online or videos that shown on personal visits to the health care professionals or written or verbal instructions on MDI technique.

Tablets and smart phones are readily available and the technology used in this app is relatively new, interactive and sophisticated when compared to other health technologies and professional training tools.

Furthermore, this new app on learning how to use metered dose inhaler is designed to be simple, easy and in multi languages — there is no new learning curve. If you know the basics of how to use a smart phone or an app, you can quickly learn to use this new app, reducing training time and get better reinforcement education on correct use of MDI.

It’s an easily adaptable educational app on correct inhaler technique for all age groups with engaging animations and demonstrations.

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