A Dry powder inhaler (DPI) is a device that delivers medication to the lungs in the form of a dry powder. Dry powder inhalers (DPI) are easier to use than metered dose inhalers because they don't require coordination. The force of the child's inhaled breath delivers the aerosolized powder into the lungs. Most kids over 5 or 6 years old are able to use a dry powder inhaler, although they must be able to inhale quickly and strongly.

DPIs are commonly used to treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and COPD.

Handihalers Apps and Videos produced by Use-inhaler.com have already created curiosity amongst the customers. The apps show the makeup of the inhaler for e.g. a Dust Cap, a Mouth piece, a piercing button, a Dose counter, and a Base. It also shows how to use handihalers.

handihaler explanation

Handihaler device is used to deliver the contents of inhalation capsules. The capsules contain an inhalation powder; they are not for oral use and should not be swallowed. 

There are various videos on youtube that try to show how to use a handihaler but nothing close to the quality and accuracy of the breathing inhaler apps developed by Use-inhaler.com 

The Handihaler are made of plastic and require a capsule of powdered medication to be placed in the device. The Handihaler delivers medication and gets activated by breathing and inhaling.

The reason of their effectiveness as shown in the video is the ability to reach small airways easily. The Handihaler® is small compact devices and lot of people like that aspect to be able to carry them around.

Use-Inhaler Handihaler apps show you how to assemble the device and how to take an inhaled treatment. If you have or use a Handihaler be sure to check out the videos and mobile apps.