Professional Courses

Doctors. Nurses, Pharmacists, Asthma and COPD Educators and Respiratory Therapists can now learn with great Fun and Interactivity and Earn up to 6 Free CEU credits.


Take the online interactive audio-visual course on the Correct use of Inhaler devices.  
The course includes multiple inhaler devices, their usage in depth and different breathing techniques for each inhaler

CRCE Course


What are the benefits of taking this course?

  1. Earn CEU credits by watching interactive engaging videos.
  2. Learn the correct technique with multiple inhalers.
  3. Refer the video tool for patient self-learning.
  4. Save your and your patients time and money.
  5. Better compliance leads to healthier and happier patient.

Can I use the interactive educational videos from the course for my patients?

Yes,  you can use these new audio-visual tutorials for your patient education. Feel free to contact us.