How to use Asthma Inhalers: Learn the Correct Inhaler Technique

Using an asthma inhaler correctly is an important aspect in the treatment of asthma. Not using an inhaler correctly can result in untreated asthma, with potentially serious complications. Many people are confused when first using an asthma inhaler. Yet, asthma inhalers are the most effective way of delivering lifesaving medications to those with asthma and other respiratory diseases. There are many inhaler devices as mentioned below:

1.Metered dose Inhalers: A metered dose inhaler (MDI), also known as an aerosol inhaler or puffer, is a device for delivering medicine directly into the lungs. Using such an inhaler device can require considerable coordination. If not inhaler correctly, you won’t fully inhale the correct dose of your medicine. MDIs are much more effective and easy to use when used with a spacer device.
MDI Inhalers are usually color coded. Blue inhalers are ‘relievers’. They contain medicine to relax the airways such as salbutamol (eg Ventolin) or terbutaline (eg Bricanyl), and are used to relieve shortness of breath and wheezing. Brown/beige/white/red/orange inhalers are ‘preventers’ (although some generic salbutamol inhalers are also white). Preventers contain medicine that reduces inflammation in the airways and prevents asthma attacks. They must be used regularly as directed by your doctor in order to prevent shortness of breath and wheezing.

2.Dry Powder Inhalers: There are many types of dry powder inhaler devices available in the market like Aerolizer, Diskus, Flexhaler, Neohaler, Pressair, Rota haler, Turbuhaler and Twisthaler. The basic technique for using dry powder inhaler medication is Exhale away from the inhaler, put the mouthpiece in your mouth and breathing in deeply and quickly, holding your breath for 10 seconds after inhalation. Since the medicines are dry powdered form, they must be delivered in a special inhaler. When you inhale fast enough the medicine is released.

Whether MDI or DPI, each and every device needs a thorough training in step by step manner for clear instructions and guidance for maximum benefit from the medicine. For this, a unique website provides interactive inhaler training to patients and healthcare providers in multiple languages and on different platforms.