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Who Discovered Asthma?

Discovery of Asthma

Asthma, COPD and allergy attacks are very common occurrences with patients suffering from acute inhaling complications and breathing syndromes. In this article we will discuss about the history of the medical studies on Asthma conduct throughout the ages and the findings stated by different renowned physicians.

History and Treatment of Asthma

Discovery of Asthma

The earliest of medical record references on respiratory complications was found in China in 2400 BC. The history of the discovery of asthma as an acute respiratory disorder came to light in 400 BC. The term ‘Asthma’ was first used by Hippocrates in his book ‘Corpus Hippocraticum’ where he also provided a definition for the medical term. A more elaborated explanation stating that asthma results due to the occurrence of obstruction in the bronchitis of the patients was put forth by the famous Greek medical practitioner, Galen in 130-200 BC.

Physician Moses Maimonide (1135- 1204 AD) in his work Treatise of Asthma mentioned details on the impact of asthma on health, the diet pattern for patients,and respiratory care, treatment basics for relieving asthma symptoms. He observed that his Egyptian patients suffered from early symptoms such as the commoncold that intensified during the humid climatic conditions to the extent of asthma. The other major contributors to the study and treatment of asthma areJean Baptiste Van Helmont of Belgium (1579-1644 AD) who discovered the origin of the asthma in lung pipes and Bernardino Ramazzini (1633-1714 AD) who stated that there is a relation of asthma and organic dust.

Watch the video provided below to understand how the dust particles entering the air passage affect the lungs of asthma patients.

Some exceptional revelations were put forth to contribute to the history of Asthma medical studies during the 20th century, putting forth the psychosomatic disorders as a major cause for the emergence of asthma disorders in patients. The study recommended psychoanalysis based treatment procedures for curing asthma. Since the findings were not ultimately accepted by several groups of medical practitioners, asthma was declared a physical disorder in 1960 stating inflammation of the respiratory system as the root cause of such complications. This also puts forth the recommendation of treating asthma with anti inflammatory medicines.

The following video is a demonstration of how the common allergens entering the respiratory track trigger the risk of asthma attacks.

Till date a proper treatment procedure to cure the Asthma complications entirely has not been discovered. However, there are numerous treatment processes available today to bring the situation under control at the time of asthma attacks and provide effective relief to the patients. The first ever treatment of Asthma was conceptualized in 326 BC where patients with aggravated lungs and asthma symptoms were relieved by allowing them to smoke the stramonium herb. The physicians of Rome, China and Central America largely used Ephedra for asthma treatment. Allergy immunotherapy was in practice for treating asthma patients in the 1900. Later the aminophylline tablets, epinephrine injections and inhalers were largely prescribed to the patients during 1940-50.

The following video will provide the guidance on how pills, IV (injections) and inhaler relieve the lungs and an asthma attack.

The inauguration of the Allergy and Asthma Medical Group and Research Centre in 1969 introduced a major revolution and advancement in the asthma treatment. Patients from across the globe were benefited after the discovery of aerosol asthma inhalers and inhaled bronchodilators. However, using inhaler does not provide relief unless the patients follow the proper technique to consume the medicine properly. The success of the inhaler treatment lies in the implementation of the correct inhaler technique that is essential for curbing the asthma symptoms.

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