Upcoming Trend in Inhaler Education - Virtual Placebo Device Training

For years, patients have been trained using inhaler placebos. But this solution is far from perfect. A recent study showed that a lack of placebo availability can have a substantial, negative impact on patient training. Selection of inhalers also depend on availabity of the placebo devices to train patients on correct use of medication.

Check this out: http://www.educationforhealth.org/data/files/resources/InhalerDeviceSelectionPoster.pdf

Use-Inhalers is working to develop a solution to this problem: virtual inhalers with sensor technology.

Placebo inhalers, while mainstream, leave a lot to be desired.

  1. The lack of guidance relating to their reuse, the wide variation in decontamination practice across the patients and the risk of cross-infection.
  2. Ordering placebos is troublesome, time consuming and there is no single resource that provides placebos every inhaler.
  3. Selling Placebo inhaler devices in the United States requires 501K pre market FDA approval.
  4. As per FDA guidelines, all devices should be ‘single patient use’. Creates a need for one placebo inhaler for every patient!

At Use-Inhalers.com, we believe our virtual, sensor-based inhalers can help solve a lot of these problems!

Use-Inhalers.com is coming up with a plan to create virtual - inhaler with sensing technology, ideal for the patients who do not have access to placebo inhalers. Real life-like experience with step by step automated validation, where patients can practice the correct use of their inhaler device multiple times on screen till they the technique right.