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While prescribing inhaler to Asthma & COPD patients, you can provide effective training on how to use inhalers correctly without spending your precious time and staff resources.

Get new generation high quality training videos on “How to use Inhalers”

Where can I play these videos?
Videos available online, offline, iPad and iPhone
Videos for patient waiting areas / Pulmonary Rehabs / Pharmacy / Lobby / On your website

Which Inhalers?
MDI closed mouth, with spacer, open mouth, Respimat & Autohaler
DPI - Aerolizer, Handihaler, Ellipta, Diskus, Neohaler, Pressair, Twisthaler & Flexhaler

What is so Special about these videos?

  1. 360 degree - Virtual onscreen complete Inhaler view for new patients
  2. Step by step demonstration of correct inhaler technique
  3. Animated Breath Scale to sync breath for effective inhalation
  4. Reminders - Critical step reminder at the end to avoid common mistakes

Why should I use these videos in my clinic?

  • Improve your patient’s Inhaler technique
  • Engage them in self managing inhaler usage
  • Personalized with your Logo, name & message.